Mount Prospect Park

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‘We found Brendan great to work with. This was our first renovation / build project. A number of design features Brendan incorporated have become our favourite features of our new home. It was great having him involved throughout the entire process and we’d recommend him, for sure.’ Mark, Clontarf.


Kincora Road


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‘We completed an extension and renovation project in Clontarf with Brendan as our architect during 2018. Brendan expertly designed a contemporary extension to the rear and redesigned the existing downstairs layout. The house has turned out to all we asked for and more. Brendan has expert knowledge in the area of energy efficiency and we received an A rating on our house.
Brendan managed builder relationships well, was calm throughout the project and was very quick in his responses to both us and the builder. This meant the project ran relatively smoothly, caused us minimum stress and was completed within the deadline.
We also had the added complication of needing our house to be wheelchair accessible and to have a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. Brendan’s knowledge in this area was excellent and he got it absolutely right. Brendan’s design has allowed our daughter to live independently while suiting the whole family and not looking functional.
Brendan created a dream home for us and I would thoroughly recommend him.’ Sally, Clontarf.


Monkstown House

This low energy deep retofit and extension features External wall insulation, demand control ventilation, solar panels, stoves with own air supply and 1st fix for future gravity fed rainwater harvest system. It achieved a BER – A3.


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‘Brendan created a dream home for us retrofitting and extending an existing 1950s house, converting it into a passive home with wide corridors, space, light and a wonderfully impressive entrance.  His design is much admired. He made full use of the features of our site creating a unique and impressive structure which complements and enhances the neighbourhood.  We chose Brendan for his low-energy retrofit credentials and were delighted when we got a BER  A3 for the retrofit.  Brendan offered detailed advice and closely supervised our the installation of our low-energy choices.  Throughout the engagement, he listened patiently to our thoughts and wishes and carefully guided us through all the key decision making processes, design, planning, builder selection, windows, heating and ventilation, kitchens, bathrooms etc.  His attention to detail and supervision of the build was very impressive. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to our friends.’ David, Monkstown.


Griffith Avenue

This Joseph Little Architects project for which I was Project Architect is a low energy deep retrofit and extension that features, External wall insulation, MVHR ventilation and a gravity fed rainwater harvest system. It achieved a BER – A3.

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‘We have no hesitation in recommending Brendan O’Connor on the second anniversary of our return to our refurbished 1930s-built home.  Our aim was to make it comfortable as we get older.  Brendan greatly enhanced our ideas about more natural light, better use of space/orientation and energy efficiency.  He then turned these into drawings, specifications and all the documentation needed for planning permission, tendering and construction.  Brendan had not previously worked with the builder nor with the quantity surveyor – neither of whom we knew before the project started.  The process was not painless, but Brendan’s skill, patience, guidance and focus kept us all talking to one another.  Two years later, there are very few things we would do differently – thanks Brendan, Joseph Little, Eoin, Pól, Tim, Dermot, Phillip, Billy and John.’ Donal, Griffith Avenue.


Avoca Park

This Joseph Little Architects project for which I was Project Architect is a low energy retrofit and small extension that went from BER D-B1.


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‘We traded down to this house in 2013 and with Brendan’s advice carried out a major refurbishment and upgrading that involved striping it down to the structural walls, and replacing everything, heating, electrics, plumbing, the lot, and adding loads of insulation, new windows, bathrooms, kitchen, solar, ventilation, fitted units etc. Firstly, Brendan came up with internal rearrangements and designs that very materially improved our ideas for renovations/extensions etc. and then prepared the most comprehensive plans and specifications for the works. The supervision of the works was similarly detailed and intense with Brendan producing meticulous minutes of the weekly site meetings. The builder took a major wobbly after about 5 months on site but that was not Brendan’s fault and he capably made other completion arrangements. We do have some property background, due to age and profession, and we would have no hesitation in engaging Brendan again for a similar project. Knowledge, ideas, innovation, standard of advice, insistence when necessary, tolerance of client input, adaptability when inevitable – all present. End result – happy clients. The project was not cheap but the budget was well controlled and luckily we were able to afford it. 5 years on there is very little we would do differently.’ Simon, Blackrock